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The Consultation Process

Once we have spoken via telephone or email and established that Nutritional Therapy could be helpful to you, and is an avenue you would like to explore, we will arrange a suitable appointment time. Consultations are normally held at The Nutrition Studio, Clevedon.

You will be sent a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and 3-day Diet Diary. You will need to fill these in with as much information and detail as possible, and return them to me no later than 3 working days before your appointment date. These forms give me the information needed to identify the areas of your health and diet that we need to work on and therefore help me to provide you with a detailed personalised nutritional program.

Nutritional Testing and Supplementation

A vast array of Nutritional Testing and Supplements are available. Testing can be the fastest and most effective way to find the root causes of health concerns, and most are unavailable on the NHS, therefore can be very valuable. Tests available include food intolerance, candida, GI effects stool testing, adrenal stress, and liver checks. When required and appropriate Nutritional Supplements may also be suggested. Both Testing and Supplements are an additional charge and price varies according to the supplement or testing.


Fees are payable by cash or cheque at the end of each consultation. Please bear in mind that if any additional testing or supplements are requested these will be in addition to the consultation fee.

Nutritional Therapy Services at The Nutrition Studio

The following Nutritional Therapy Services are available at The Nutrition Studio:

Initial Nutritional Consultation - £60

This is the first consultation you will have. It will last approximately 1hr – 1hr 15mins and includes:

Follow Up Nutritional Consultation - £45

This follows an initial consultation, lasts about 45mins and includes the following:

Home Consultations

Price as above PLUS 40p/mile travel expenses to cover the cost of my time and travel, based on distance from The Nutrition Studio. I offer consultations in the Client’s home if travel to my clinic is inconvenient or difficult.

Couple Consultations - £90 Initial Consultation; £65 Follow up Consultation

I offer a consultation specifically aimed at couples in preconceptual care to maximise their chances of conceiving a healthy baby. The consultation follows the same format as an Initial Consultation (See above).

Nutrition and Fitness Talks and Presentations - £180 per hour

I offer enjoyable and educational sessions focussing on particular areas such as weight management, ante & post natal, stress management, food for fitness, immune support and digestion & health. These can be adapted for differing age groups and are suitable for both corporate and social environments. Suggestions for new topics are always gratefully received. For a list of upcoming events, or more information Contact Sara.

Freelance Health, Fitness and Nutrition Writing

I offer freelance writing services of nutrition and health topics for print and websites. I always welcome article requests. Contact Sara for more details...