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Why would I choose Personal Training?

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A Personal Trainer is not a luxury, or just for ‘celebs’. If you lack the motivation to workout on your own, like variety but don’t know how to create your own program or you have specific training goals, you will definitely benefit from training alongside a Personal Trainer. A Personal Trainer will greatly increase your chances of attaining your fitness goals; however it is important you choose one who is professionally qualified, knowledgeable, motivational and above all someone you like….Remember you will be spending several sweaty hours with this person!

The Nutrition Studio Personal Trainer, Sara, first started in the Health and Fitness industry over 10 years ago so has vast experience, knowledge and qualifications in this field. With a BSc (Hons) degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences, and a Diploma in Personal Training she has received training of the highest standard, and above all has a passion for exercise and fitness. Sara is also qualified to offer specialised exercise programs for Ante and Post Natal clients.

Sara's approach to Personal Training includes:
  • A wide variety of session types depending on your personal preference, to provide the most comfortable environment for you
  • Personalised specific exercise programmes
  • Fun exercise in good company

Whatever your shape, lifestyle or goal Sara can help you to get the most out of your training - no matter how much time or experience you have. If you want to improve your fitness levels, lose weight, tone up, or train for a specific event but aren’t sure how to get started or how to achieve your goals, Personal Training with Sara is the perfect solution for you. She will help to structure your training and introduce more varied and effective exercises to challenge every aspect of your health and fitness requirements.

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More often than not you know roughly what you should be doing, for example if you want to tone up your abdominal muscles you probably know to do sit-ups. However, to achieve optimal results you should be doing a variety of stomach exercises to recruit each of the different abdominal muscle groups, at the correct speed, through the entire range of motion, and additionally engaging your core stabilising muscles. This is where Personal Training comes in! Training with Sara, you are more likely to achieve the results you desire as you will be doing the right blend of exercises using a safe and effective technique at an appropriate intensity.

Various training options are available including outdoor exercise, training at home, and group work out sessions, as it is vital you feel comfortable in the environment you train in. Each training solution and exercise program designed is specific to you and your goals, likes and dislikes. Sara will work alongside you throughout, educating, motivating and supporting you to ensure you achieve your set fitness and health goals.

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